Obviously Overstated Subtlety - 1985
DVD Video: 1 minute

Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto

Althea Lahofer: "The Physics of (High) Light(s)". Poolside, Issue 5. Summer 1991
Dara Gellman: "Recombinant TV". (exhibition brochure). V Tape: Toronto 1998 (excerpt)

Exhibitions & Screenings:
Reports: Recombinant TV - V/Tape Exhibition Project. Toronto, 1998 (Curated by Dara Gellman)
Ex Patria (with Susan Britton) - A Video Pool Presentation, The Cinematheque. Winnipeg, 1990
Audio by Artists Festival - National Film Board Theatre. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1986
A.T.V. Show - Videon Public Television, Winnipeg, 1986
Just a Minute… TV Works! - California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, California, 1985