Missing: The American Family - 1987
DVD Video: 4 minutes, 20 seconds

Althea Lahofer: "The Physics of (High) Light(s)". Poolside, Issue 5. Summer 1991

Exhibitions & Screenings:
The Parasite of Parasites: Artists and Advertising - A PleasureDome Program. Cinecycle. Toronto, 1994
A Critical Perspective: Trinity Square Video Retrospective - The Euclid Theatre. Toronto, 1991
Ex Patria (with Susan Britton) - A Video Pool Presentation. The Cinematheque. Winnipeg, 1990
The Lunatic of One Idea - Public Access project. Videowall at Square One. Mississauga, Ontario, 1988
Missing: The American Family - Maryland Institute College of Art. Baltimore, 1986 (solo exhibition)