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Molly to Molly - 2009
Lenticular photographs
14.4" x 18" each
Installation view at Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, February/March 2013

Molly to Molly consists of lenticular photographs of four generations of women from the same family. Each of the top three photographs contain images of a mother and her daughter, Molly & Sharon, Sharon & Lainie, Lainie & Molly. The bottom photograph contains images of the youngest member of the family and the great grandmother for whom she is named. This illustration simulates the experience of the images transforming as the viewer changes viewing angle.

Amanda Happé: "Four Generations in Four Square Feet" Torontoist.com. June 26, 2009
Gary Michael Dault: "Michael Klein at Queen Specific" The Globe & Mail. June 27, 2009

Family Ties - Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, 2013
Molly to Molly - Queen Specific. Toronto, 2009