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250 Michael Kleins (detail) - 2000/ongoing
C Prints
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The Michael Klein Project (MKP) explores my own identity in relation to representations of my name or “brand”. MKP began as a mail art project. A Michael Klein logo was created a by using recognizable fonts from well known companies and products. Surveys were sent to hundreds of Michael Klein’s in an attempt to collect information and create a profile of the typical Michael Klein. A screensaver animation was made from signatures received from these Michael Kleins. Hundreds of images of men named Michael Klein have been collected.

Exhibitions including work from this project:
Wish You Were Here - Gladstone Hotel. Toronto, 2009 (Curated by Katharine Mulherin)
Goin’ Postal - Art Metropole. Toronto, 2007 (Curated by Miles Collyer)
Slideshow (for Instant Coffee Nooks) - Mercer Union, Toronto, 2007
Centre of Attention - A Tete-A-Tete Exhibition. Toronto, 2004
Alchemy and Mysticism #2: The Instant Coffee Painting Show - In the Urban Disco Trailer, 2003
Caffeine Screens: The Instant Coffee Screensaver Show - The Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, 2002
Eine Klein Sighn (with Cecelia Berkovic & Germaine Koh) - Luft Gallery. Toronto, 2002
13 Canadians in NYC - Star67 Gallery. New York, 2001
Miniature Show: Urban Disco Trailer & Everyone (Instant Coffee Project) - Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2001
Friendly Fire - Project. Toronto, 2000